I guess I should say welcome – if you’re here, well it’s for one of two reasons:

1. You know me & have followed the link


2. You’ve searched, are a little intrigued and have decided to come along and have a read

For those of you who don’t know me, my names Jo (also known as JoJo, Josie, JDubs or Joanne). If you’re interested in personality types, I’m an ENFJ – extreme E (no real surprise there)!!

I’m incredibly sarcastic, I swear too much, I’m a big kid, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I like making people laugh, I’m extremely competitive, I’m always playing music (can usually be found dancing & singing round the house, car and in my chair!!) Oh and most definitely not perfect 😉

I’m a daughter, a big sister, an aunty and a mum (I’m also mumma hoooman to a very needy/affectionate/annoying and sometimes bitey cat!)

I work for a (rather awesome) BPM/CRM Software Company as a Business Architect (check us out at http://www.pega.com) – and no that doesn’t mean I’m an actual “architect” in the traditional sense of the word (nothing quite as tangible as a building).

All it really means is that I act as the bridge between Business & Tech – a bit of a jack of all trades; solution design, analysis (lots of that), project & relationship management, delivery and a bit of training… I get to work with different clients helping them to implement our software – turns out it’s kinda my dream company and job!! 🙂

I guess you could say I’ve had one of those “moments”. I’m just about to turn 39 and hitting the big 4.0 next year  😦  It’s given me the proverbial kick up the arse (amongst other things!!)  Made me look at myself, my life, all of the things I have achieved and all of the things I’ve always wanted to yet always thought were out of my reach or were put on hold for various reasons.

Nothing wrong with being a dreamer (keeps most of us going & sane) but sometimes you gotta make the dream a reality… something, that somehow along the way I’d forgotten.

Maybe this is my mid-life crisis, maybe I’m just reverting or rediscovering the old me. Maybe I just want to do something completely crazy (this definitely beats some of the other crazy fuck it things I’ve done in my life!!) who knows… All I do know is that I want to make this crazy baked idea, my new reality…

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey; I know I’m going to 😉

Mwahhhhh x

PS: I’ve been writing this since Sept/Oct – just taken me a while to get it set up properly 😉