Application And Time Off (Oct 2017)

EEEK the cunning plan has commenced. The 2018-2020 plan has begun!!  Bit more of a slow burner than I wanted, but it’s all in the planning (guess who used to be a project manager!) 😉

My biggest hurdle is the time off from work– I’ve chatted to my boss, and explained that I had a personal development plan that was spread over a few years. He didn’t immediately tell me to bugger off or laugh hysterically (I’m taking that as a good sign).  He simply asked me to pull together a rough plan so that we can submit to the powers that be to see if we can get agreement to the time off.

As the race for 2017/2018 is underway, understandably most of the Clipper website is focused on the race now – not 2019/2020, with the exception of high level info and a way to apply. Gahhh – I needed some info about dates!! :-/

Dropped an email to Clipper, and got a super speedy response from Della (thank you!!) with the complete agenda for the current race. Della’s email was definitely enough to give me idea of timelines, and what I can balance between holiday & unpaid time off.  Am also considering the boat prep/delivery stint too – more time off, but think it will be invaluable experience (and a great way to get to know the boat!)

Looking at the times and a suggestion from Della – I’ve realised that I can do two training weeks next year (2018), with the other two being in 2019, which I can cover with holiday (phew!), and whilst I’d love to do two legs (7&8), I think I can only really do one (time off & finances), so erring towards Leg 8, which isn’t until 2020 – scary (that’s the Atlantic leg, remember what I said in my previous post about the swell?? #irony!!)   Email now sent off to the boss with the 2 year proposal… fingers crossed I can get it approved!!

I’ve decided to kick off the application process whilst waiting to hear from work – first hurdle out of the way, next one is the application to Clipper. Can I just say, I HATE bigging myself up, or talking about what I would bring to a team…  I’m just me!!  And yes, hate doing appraisals at work too 🙂

Update: Application now complete & sent – email confirmation back asking me to attend the day session for group presentation & interview on 17th November – EEEEEEEEEEEK.  #shitsgettingreal