You know how I said…

That I’d get better at blogging? Hahaha… failed miserably 😉

Cmonnnnnnn… did you expect any different?!?It’s now been over a year since I last blogged – despite all my best intentions, life’s kinda got in the way… I ‘think’ that’s a good thing?!?

But joking aside, between work & sailing, catching up with friends, drinking lots. there’s not been a huge amount of time… and the time that I have had… for some reason I wasn’t feeling like blogging….

So, why now? Well… a few reasons… The Clipper 1920 Race is now well underway, the guys are currently mid leg 5 (with an unexpected detour to the Philippines and no clue as to where Leg 6 will start & go to due to the pesky Coronavirus) We do know however, that Leg 7 will at least still start in Seattle (thank f!!) and I’ve now only got two months before I jump in a tin can to set off for 3.5 months away….

The team have been doing brilliantly (Go #IYK), despite our Skipper quitting, getting a temp skipper for one race & now having Rob (if his boat blogs are anything to go by, suspect I’m gonna get on well with him). We’ve also got our Facebook & Instagram account up & running – thankfully manageable between Brooke, Sergei, David & myself… It’s been tough at times to feel like part of the team being shoreside… but I think there’s a core of us who get that… and our WhatsApp chat is always pretty active!!! Tim’s Top Tips, are genius & never fail to make me laugh lots…

I won’t lie… I’m starting to feel pretty bloody nervous… Buttmunch made a comment at Christmas about not being able to text/WhatsApp or FaceTime me… it really dawned on me then, how I’ve never done this, never been away that long, never been out of immediate contact…. and how over the last few years, I’ve cherished it all…. And it’s not just Buttmunch, it’s my family, my friends – old & new (although I’m sure the local HQ establishment will enjoy the peace 😂) And.. I will also miss work (yes, you did read that right!!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited as I am nervous… I’m looking forward to the challenge (even if it’s going to be a different experience to the one I initially thought it would be), and I know when I’m on the plane & in the Clipper bubble… I’ll be fine…

But….It’s just all getting rather real, I signed up to Clipper two years ago now… soooo much has changed in that time… looking back on old blogs I almost don’t recognise the person or the place I was in back then… no matter how much I may want to tweak the old ones, the stuff about me… I’m not going to… moments in time right??

Its a bit scary handing in your notice to the letting agent, booking in the check out appointment, trying to crack on with packing up your life, sorting out all the things I need to do (including finding Tiger a home), copies of paperwork, trying to think of everything I need to do, things that may and could happen… How to organise everything in storage… and worrying about Buttmunch….I KNOW everything will be ok… everyone will be ok… And it’s gonna be awesome!!!! Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down, right 😂

Hahaha, so I’ll pre warn ya… I’ve got 8 weeks to write up, and post just over a years worth of sailing shenanigans…. I’ll try to keep em short… ish…. famous last words eh

Carpe Diem!! xx

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