Shout Outs

We don’t always tell people how much they mean, or thank them for what they have done for us. But I guess there are a few people that I want to say thank you to – who have kept me going for the last six months or so (and who I suspect will still be there over the next few years!!) Ahem… heart on sleeve remember 🙂

Buttmunch (aka Jess)  – my saving grace and financial haemorrhage.  I haven’t been a perfect parent, nor will I ever be.  But, I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for you. I am soooooooo proud of you. Love you to the moon xx

DD – for not only being the worlds bestest little sister, but also my best friend.  For rescuing me when I hit rock bottom (and who kept rescuing me when I continued to bounce up & down on the bottom) Thank you for the ample supply of wine/gin & chocolate (in the right measures)  Loves ya x

Paul – for the technical support, cat watering duties and generally helping out the big sis (even when you’re being rubbish) x

Dad, Grandma & Grumps – for all of the unconditional support, love & laughter, especially over the last six months x

Benjamin – My oldest friend, who, no matter how much time passes between our chats it’s always like we only spoke yesterday.  And who is still the only person in my life that can stop me dead with “Joanne” x

Mrs Atkinson –  despite your own incredibly tough n shitty year (goodbye Felicia!!), thank you for the words of wisdom & support, the encouragement and the prodding to start running & the inspiration to do the blog x

Mister Williams –  thank you for the laughter, the copious amounts of gin (and knowing when doubles & shots are required!!), for being the shoulder to cry on (metaphorically & physically), for always being understanding  (usually) even when I’m being shit!, for keeping me on my toes and for never allowing me to wallow too much!!  x

Robert, Neil, Richy and the rest of the DJ Crew – thank you for being involved in Club Class, for being willing to invest weekends in teaching complete novices how to race, for allowing me to keep going back on the boat and having the patience of saints when mistakes are made.  Loving the debriefs!!  You guys rock!! 🙂