600nm away?

So, as you can see IYK isn’t doing very well (understatement!) but we’ve been having fun at least.

Helming over the last 4 days has been a relentless physical challenge- not everyone is comfortable helming at night, nor when it’s gusting in the 30 plus knots. In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen consistent 29-32knots, with gusts and periods of up to high 30’s (skipper got 39/40 knots after I had to bail after 45 mins of helming as I was rather broken).

4 days ago we had our code two up when our halyard decided it had had enough and decided to give up the ghost…  snap!! We managed to get the tack end on  board (the bit attached at the pointy end), got some onto deck and then the opposite end (clew) decided it wanted to go swimming… It initially only came down with a small tear, but after swimming, and opposite forces a delightful tearing noise commenced down the middle and we then spent over an hour trying to wrestle and free the clew end from out from under the boat keel an rudder… despite our best efforts to free it, it eventually came free and we were able to get it onboard!! Looks like we have a few days of code 2 repair in Derry!!

Wind has finally died and we have a little bit of sunshine, unfortunately midst ocean sprint – Sod’s law eh!! Last night was rather fruity and we now have a broken grinder, massively overpowered, pointing too high, meant two of our crew fell onto the grinder and one of the arms broke off… thankfully both are a ok, if bruised…  a reminder in that weather to make sure your attached on your shortest tether…

We’re 24/36 hours behind the rest of the fleet and we’re starting to discuss what the plan is… more to come on that later!!! (Jess/Editor addition – IYK have accepted 11th position and are now continuing using all available means, including engine)

Bit run down, looking forward to a lot of fresh salad an veg in a few days time! Hope your all a ok… hoping that Derry has a heatwave 😉

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