Hot Hot Hot

Would you like a sauna?

If so, I would highly recommend signing up to Leg 7 of the race. Over the last 4 days or so, the temperature below deck feels like it’s increased to what can only be described as a sauna, and quite frankly not a particularly pleasant one. I don’t even like saunas! The heat and stickiness is relentless, meaning that the entire crew are short on sleep, despite the whir of personal fans on in the bunks. Shade on deck is non-existent, but we all seem to be good at slathering ourselves in suntan lotion, I haven’t resembled a possum yet, progress!

The day watches, well lets just say by the end of each shift, everyone is exhausted and slightly tetchy, tempers fraying especially when we keep going through wind holes. In such light winds, you have to keep trying everything you can to keep moving, so it’s Code 1 down, Windseeker up, main down… and then repeat, several times. (I “may” have uttered numerous expletives to JB when he asked us to get the main back up, 15 minutes after we took it down) By the end of the shift, you are mentally & physically shattered, and you know you aren’t going to get much rest below. Who would have thought we’d look forward to the night watches so much. Don’t panic readers, we’re still mostly laughing & having fun… JoJo’s night-time disco is a regular feature on the watches.

Last night we were treated to a blood moon eclipse. WOW. Starboard watch was fortunate to be on watch when we got the moonrise and the eclipse. The moon was incredibly large during its rise, with a slight red tinge and then once it had risen, we watched the eclipse happen, eerily beautiful. And anyone who knows me knows how excited I get watching bioluminescence, trailing off the back of the boat. Last night we got DISCO BIOLUMINESCENCE, did you know that was a thing? I didn’t! Patches of water around up started pulsing with light for a good half hour, absolutely magical.

We can see Mexico on our port side and are currently coming down the turtle highway (Finding Nemo fans, you will know what I mean) and we’ve seen quite a few of them, quite often bobbing alongside us in the water and who seem to like giving us a wave with a fin. The Boobies are now only perching on our bowsprit, Skipper finally decided he didn’t want a poopy stern so he proceeded to chase them off with the tuna. Bizarrely they haven’t come back but cleaning it down did at least give Skipper something to do and kept him from getting the crew to do yet another sail change.

With that people, time for comedy dinner courtesy of the Brigadier Brian & Cabin Boy Johnny,

Stay safe, JoJo

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