So its been awhile, again, since the last update. Its been hard to know what to write & the heat kinda zaps any energy you have. We obviously finished Race 11 last, and it was somewhat soul destroying being so far behind with no ability to catch up due to the epic wind holes we had. That obviously impacted crew morale a lot and so it was hard to write anything with any level of positivity. We did see a fair amount of wildlife on the rest of Race 11, dolphins and turtles galore. I swear some of the turtles were waving at us (editors note – suspect JoJo making friends with turtles should probably be seen as a concern?)

As I mentioned, we had a lot of wind holes, with the temperature on deck hitting 39c, even hotter (and sweatier) down below. Can’t say much more than that as we spent the last part of it motoring.

We got to Panama late and spent the next day victualling, so no real downtime but I did manage to procure a Panama hat to wear through the canal. Not sure what I was expecting through the Canal but after the first 3 locks (after we rafted with Seattle and DTL), the canal opens up to in effect a lake and verdant greenery along the banks. Fair amount of video footage that I’ll get around to sharing one day.

We then got to Colin, and managed to make happy hour, one bar and 10 boats all trying to get beer!! Was a good night in the end and one that was very much needed by all, shore food, beer and catching up!

Today is the start of race 12, an interesting course that sees us going between Cuba and Haiti and then tactical decision on what route we take through a south and north gate. Decided to sort out mail on phone so hopefully I’ll get better at sending blogs through to the child to load! 

Wish us luck!! JoJo out

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